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Saatchi Art
Beginning with the word as abstraction, “Zounds!” (c.1978) presented onomatopoeia into the conceptual field. These investigations went from the Derridean influenced architectonic (“Gramr” 1985) to image/poetic to Deleuzean diagrammatic (“Mine + Yours = Ours” 2007). Synthesis has been a recurring theme that brings together a morphology and ideology that has evolved into not only conceptual, but sequential investigations. So while certain stylistic qualities are observable throughout my work, an evolving logic supports the content. The work has moved from the astrophysics of “Singularity” (1996) to a series of work titled “The Ambit Suite” (2007) in which the border became the issue, to studies in value with “Trickle” (2008) and “Change” (2011). Mobile affectations have been lined-up in a series of videos entitled “Dromoscopic” (2015) while perspective and abstraction are more of an issue in the "Xrds" (2016) paintings.