Banner Design
by Anthony Stephenson


Constructing Your Vision
The link from the banner above is an outline of some of the considerations that go into putting together an effective site on the World Wide Web. This is, in effect, the qualifying project for accreditation from Rutgers University as a Webmaster.
Here, consume me - I am the product ...
Click on the banner above in order to get an idea of who I am and what my professional and educational background is. This will link you to a multimedia presentation that is also available on CD-ROM. (It is therefore advisable that you have a high-bandwidth connection - like a T1 or cable.) Get Shockwave!
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Linking to the banner above will bring you to a project that I did concerning the fragmentation, territoriality, copyright, and passion of artistic expression re-purposed for other media such as the Internet.

Articulating Your Expectations Since 1992
As a continuation of a cable-access program, this is my earliest website. And like the one above, it is scheduled for yet another revision. Dig deep, however, a variety of techniques and examples await the curious.
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