Paint 'n Photos

The Occurence of Concurrence

"The Occurrence of Concurrence" 1993
paint on photos, 9" x 11" ea.
The first work (of seven) to be recontextualized in cyberspace.

Pun Tag

"Pun Tag" 1993
enamel on masonite and wood and photo, 31" x 34 1⁄2" (total)
How do we measure up to the fashion of challenging a pretty face with the wiles of frill and lace?


Armchair Vision

"Armchair Vision" 1991
paint on photo, 20" x 30"
This is an image of the original upon which the multimedia version is based.



"Brainstorm!" 1991
paint on photo 20" x 30"
Here we have a re-marking of a (photographic) surface representation.

The Sound of Her Butterfly Sleeping

"The Sound of Her Butterfly Sleeping"1991
enamel on masonite and wood with photos, 69" x 9" (total)
Where the radiant glow of a half-life duration lingers in the air.

To the Sublime or Void

"To the Sublime or Void" 1991
paint on photo, 24" x 36"
A poetic deterritorialization of form



"Untitled" 1991
paint on photo, 30" x 20"
An expression of frustration in an era of double-talk.