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When artists have the resources, society prospers. Intellectual engagement, civic responsibility, and a better quality of life are the result of a conscientious involvement with the creative community.

It is the aim of Public Art Resources (PAR) to make available to towns and artists what is needed for the enhancement of those communities while encouraging the flourishing of creative activity.

PAR began in 1995 as an effort to reorganize fallow ground and material. Local governments were asked to consider the condition of their resources versus their assets of public space. Many towns also have work yards full of materials that are either reclaimed from sites due to damage or wear, or materials that have not even been used. By inviting artists to come to their town and examine the possibilities, the recycling process takes on an elevated purpose by raising the standard of living for all of the community.

We are here to facilitate the practical considerations, methods of achievement, networks, financing, and other methods of enhancing our communities.

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DECEMBER 22, 2003 — In December 1989, a massive crowd of costumed protestors, including a Jesus Christ and an entourage of his furious friends, surrounded and invaded St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City. One of many vibrant and aggressive protests, AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power's (ACT UP) 'Stop the Church' action contested the Roman Catholic Archdiocese's public stand against AIDS education and condom distribution. Fourteen years later, veteran activists and artists have launched the ACT UP Oral History Project, a multiple-year venture, which aims to document the legacy of New York's AIDS activist movement. Founded by Super-8 filmmaker Jim Hubbard and writer Sarah Schulman, the Oral History Project includes in-depth video interviews with living activists, who explain both the successes and failures of the movement. At one of the most oppressively conservative and urgent contemporary political moments, ACT UP affected concrete change and transformed ingrained cultural attitudes about sexuality, illness, health care, civil rights, art, and media. The Oral History Project online includes video clips and PDF transcripts of activist interviews and documentation of the deployment of art in ACT UP efforts, in addition to a comprehensive topical and chronological index. - Matt Wolf

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